Experience the Indulgence

Make the best of your evening with an opulent date, fueled by passion and experience. Taste some of the finest whiskies this world has to offer.

Watch the latest football matches on huge LCD screens or simply relax with your favorite game of poker, blackjack or roulette.


VIP Rooms & Private Gaming Lounges

The true patrons know that Casino Marina values hospitality above all else. That is why we have dedicated rooms for our VIP players.

Complete with its own lounge, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, private bar and several private gaming tables, we welcome all casino enthusiasts to experience the excitement of 5-star gaming at Casino Marina.

For more details about our private gaming lounges,contact us today!


Daily Draws

Win a whopping 10,000 euros every week! In addition, we’ve been giving away brand new BMWs, Benz cars and Tissot Watches.

Call us to find out about our exclusive draws with massive payouts today!

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You will always find Casino Marina, Your Winning Destination at up-and-coming major tourist or business hotspots of a nation. Casino Marina Antananarivo extends the essence of Casino Marina's prestige, captured from the rolling golden beaches of Sri Lanka's shores globally, filling the voracious appetite everyone has for winning. Casino Marina is a registered trademark of Rank Entertainment Holdings' international operations. All rights reserved.

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